There are some who call me … Tim.

I'm the head of UX at Goldstar Events, where I get to help millions of people discover and experience the magic of live entertainment.

My primary focus is UX and interaction design, my skills include prototyping, user research, project & design management, visual design, and front-end development. I have loads of experience designing for the web, iOS and Android.

My career is marked, I believe, by a focus on online communities and building positive experiences with real-world impact. At Goldstar, that means helping members enjoy live events more often; previously it meant helping educate the public about heathcare, or building a forum to give storytellers a voice they didn't know they had.

I typically wear the hats of individual contributor, team lead, and project manager. I've managed small teams throughout my career at Goldstar, Portland Monthly, and Wired News. I've worked at several startups and am used to digging into the problem and getting shit done.

I am also an erstwhile journalist & editor, 3D-printing tinkerer, and heavily invested in becoming a great Dad here in the Pacific NW. More about me.