There are some who call me … Tim.

I'm the Director of User Experience at Goldstar Events, where I manage the UX team and help millions of people get out and see live entertainment every day.

I am also an erstwhile journalist & editor and a weekend tinkerer in 3D-printing. I'm also heavily invested in becoming a great Dad here in the Pacific NW.

I focus on UX and interaction design, but my background spans visual design, project & design management, plus front-end development. I have experience designing for the web, iOS and Android.

My work is marked, I believe, by a focus on communities and building experiences that impact peoples' lives. At Goldstar, that means helping members enjoy live events more often; previously it meant helping educate the public about heathcare, or building a forum to give storytellers a voice they didn't know they had.

I've managed small teams throughout my career: at Goldstar, Portland Monthly, and Wired News. I've also contributed as an IC, and as a consultant. I've been at several startups and am used to wearing many hats and getting shit done.

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