Visual Design & Design Systems

I have worked with design systems for many years now. I spent a lot of time with them at Goldstar, where I built out the foundations of our design system in Sketch and Storybook (React component explorer).

I also lobbied hard to use an open source component library for all of the company’s internal tools, and could that as one of my great successes, based on the fact that development on these many tools quickened, the delivered experience was solid, and Design didn’t need to field any more UI-related requests from these teams.

At IBM where I helped move products onto new versions of the Carbon design system, created contributions for the Cloud design system (an extension of Carbon), or worked across the public cloud teams to identify core workflows and pain points that could be solved by creating platform-wide functional components for say, provisioning a new server, setting a data center location, or managing user access. A lot of what we were starting to work on involved figuring out models for governance that ensured stability in components, while being accommodating to new and experimental contributions.

At uShip, during my short tenure, I was working cross-functionally to re-energize a stalled design system migration.

storybook component explorer
Goldstar Storybook component explorer was the foundation of our design system.

Visual Design

I have done extensive visual design and development while at Goldstar, and I still do some visual design when consulting or building side projects. Here's a few examples of my more recent work.

checkout final screens goldstar events page
Goldstar pages built from a documented system of CSS modules

flashcard app
Flashcard app dashboard

github analytics dashboard
Github Analytics dashboard
Github analytics settings page
Github Analytics settings page

bitsmachine resume builder homepage
Bitsmachine resume builder homepage
bitsmachine resume import
Bitsmachine resume builder import LinkedIn PDF fields
bitsmachine editing resume
Bitsmachine resume builder edit resume fields and experience