Toddler Triangles iOS App

I wanted to build an app for kids with no UI or interface.

Roles Independent iOS project I designed, built and sold through the App Store.

Toddler Triangles is an iOS app (currently discontinued) I built for my kids in 2013. It was a chance to build on the Phonegap platform, get some experience with Xcode, dive a bit deeper into Javascript, and experiment building an app that would need to work for an audience that couldn't read or use computers.

screens of triangles app
Screens from the iTunes App Store

I built the app over the course of a few months, and tested it with my kids. I released it as a free app, and it's been download 1,260 times globally to date.

All in all, it is an admittedly very simple app, but it was challenging to not stray from the original vision, push through development challenges, and work through all the mundane tasks required to get the app approved for sale.